Praise for ¡SATIRISTAS!

“If comedy is your idea of high art, ¡Satiristas! is the coffee table book for you.” LA Weekly

“Not only intellectually enticing but a joy to look at again and again.” Litfest Magazine

“A superb book.” The Serious Comedy Site

“Provenza’s quest is to prove that comedy is a rich, deep art form, not just pop-culture fluff.”- GQ

“At once a tribute, a textbook, and a comedy compendium. Read it. You won’t regret it.”- Sacramento Book Review

“Fast becoming the comic`s bible”-

“¡Satiristas! reveals the method and the madness of men and women who inhabit the funny side of the commentariat.” LA Times

“¡Satiristas! has a lot to teach comedy fans about the history and structure of humor, and it offers illuminating glimpses into the inner lives of the people who make it.” The Onion, AV Club

“A brilliant new book.”San Francisco Examiner

“Gives you the feeing that you’re a fly on the wall at a comedy summit.”Huffington Post

“A must-read for any serious fan of smart comedy.” The No Fact Zone (Stephen Colbert Website)

“Deep thoughts on funny business.” Chicago Sun Times

“A passionate, insistent, and joyous case for comedy a serious art form.” The Boston Phoenix

“One of those rare books that you get more out of each time you read it.” – Eighth

“¡Satiristas!’ steps in and shows us that comedy is an art that can be engagingly explored without ruining the joke.” Bookotron

“This is the textbook for advanced students of comedy, rendering a large chunk of a typical comedy nerd’s library obsolete.”

“Paul Provenza is tearing apart the fabric of America.”Huffington Post

“There are maybe five photographers worldwide who do what Dion does, and fewer still who don’t do what he doesn’t do.”  – San Francisco Chronicle

“Provenza’s contact list has so many headliners it comes with a two-drink minimum.” SF Weekly

“Finally, a book that gets right to the heart of comedians who choose to enter the unforgiving realm of the satirist.” Library Journal

“A wealth of intimate, and at times, surprising discussions.” Time Out Chicago